Bold Backsplashes to Sweeten Up Your Kitchen Design

Backsplashes are the icing on the cake of a well-designed kitchen.  Installing one provides an opportunity to enhance and highlight the beauty of the space while embracing a homeowner’s personality. Plus, a backsplash adds an abundance of style without a ton of effort. With a virtually endless list of options, though, choosing a backsplash can be an overwhelming process.  We advise homeowners to visit design sites like Houzz.com and view our company online portfolio (www.ccwoodcraftersne.com) to get a feel for some products and layouts they might like. Most often, we can detect similarities among the photos which give us good direction in helping clients make their decision. While I’m focusing on the aesthetic appeal of a backsplash, there are also important functional reasons to install one in your kitchen.  No matter the material you select, a backsplash will protect the walls behind your counters and sink. Cleaning up stains is much easier and faster when you are wiping down tile versus a painted wall, for example.  If installed correctly, a backsplash will protect against water damage which can cause mold and structural issues.  Now that I have outlined the benefits of a backsplash in terms of functionality, it’s time to get to the fun stuff!  Here is our short list of 7 trend-setting kitchen backsplashes that we are loving right now. I can easily see some of these styles sticking around for quite some time.  One thing is for certain. By using the most impressive materials, layouts and textures you’ll see all season, these backsplashes will make a major impact in any kitchen.


  • Fabric. Yes. You read that right. Fabric for a backsplash. Before you start thinking I’ve lost my mind, imagine the possibilities with pattern, color and character you could achieve using whatever fabric you want. By installing tempered glass over the fabric, you will achieve the decorative look you want with the functionality you need. Gorgeous.


  • Faux Finish. No one has to know but you. There are an abundance of varieties of porcelain and terracotta tiles that can look like brick, stone and wood. You’ll have the benefit of a durable, non-porous tile and the decorative appearance of a high-end material with depth and texture.


  • Harlequin Tiles. These diamond-pattern ceramic tiles draw the eye up and add personality to any kitchen by creating visual height and interest. For a classic look, use all the same colored tile.  If you are more adventurous, use white with either black, grey, mint or indigo in a checkerboard layout. Just be sure to pick a color that will be able to stand the test of time in your space.


  • Wallpaper.  Similar to fabric in terms of a near infinite amount of stylistic options, wallpaper can be coated with Teflon and easily wiped clean. It’s an unexpected use of the material that can yield high design points.


  • Reclaimed Barn Wood. If you have a cabin, cottage, or rustic style kitchen, this one’s for you. Reclaimed wood backsplashes can instantly warm up a room. Though this material might not be best for the space right behind your range, it works well in other areas, such as a coffee station or wet bar. The rustic look of reclaimed wood has never been more popular and is the star of the show when the kitchen cabinetry is simple in both design and color.


  • Gold Marble Chevron. After 15 years in this business, one of the many things we have learned is that New Englanders love their all-white kitchens. No judgement here, but know we love it when homeowners use a backsplash to give their white palette a bit more substance with a multi-tone tile. Right now, homeowners are loving Calacatta Gold Italian polished marble tiles set in a herringbone layout. What a stunning way to impact an all-white kitchen.


  • Shimmer.  I saw you raise your eyebrow at this one. Hear me out. We aren’t talking about glitter. We’re talking “sophisticated shimmer”. In a kitchen that favors a more muted palette or needs a stand out feature to provide more personality, a shimmery tile can do just that. Consider glass and metal tiles that complement stainless-steel appliances and cabinet hardware. Backsplashes with a little shimmer can make kitchen spaces feel bright and current.


If you think a backsplash isn’t that important, think again. There are budget-friendly options, splurges and everything in between. The most important thing is to find that sweet spot where your personal style meets the functionality you need. At CC Woodcrafters of NE, we work hand in hand with our clients to help them sort through all options. We provide photos of our past work and advice about what might work best for them. If you trust your contractor to get the mechanics of the job done and provide direction about what works stylistically, you can have some good fun “icing the cake” with that sweet backsplash in your new kitchen. Enjoy!