Top 8 Kitchen Trends for 2018

As you and your families prepare to gather around the Thanksgiving table, we’ve been doing a little “gathering” of our own.  We’ve rounded up the top 8 kitchen trends you don’t want to miss in 2018. There are just so many exciting options for kitchens right now that we’re literally brimming with excitement! Long past are the days when the kitchen’s only purpose is for cooking food. Current-day kitchens are full of style and are emphasized by thoughtful designs geared toward entertaining, smart-home technology and use of mixed materials. The decisions you make for this room, especially if you have an open floor plan, can impact the entire aesthetic of the main level of your living space. So, no pressure (wink, wink), but here are 8 trends that you need to know before starting that kitchen renovation in 2018.


  • Open Shelving. This is an option quickly gaining in popularity. Clients love that they can customize the height and length to fit items on the shelves that normally wouldn’t fit into the cabinets. With thousands of options of textures, brackets (corbels, anyone?) and colors, the shelving itself is a design element. Open shelves display collections with ease, keep items handy and force us to stay organized because guests can see our belongings! Open shelving is an inspired look highlighting both function and style.


  • Mixed-Up Cabinet Color. White kitchen cabinets have been the overwhelmingly dominant choice for years, but pale gray, navy, light blues and greens are nipping at the heels of that old standby. Homeowners are mixing it up with two-toned kitchens featuring painted lower cabinets, islands and desk areas.  By adding another layer of detail and visual interest, soft grey cabinets combined with warm wood tones make an especially exquisite pairing.


  • Black & White. A literal show stopper. Every. Single. Time. The contrast between the two classic colors creates a stunning look and the possibilities cease to amaze us; mix and match cabinetry, backsplash tiles, lower black cabinets with white countertops and every combination in between. We’ve even seen matte black fixtures and hardware. What’s so fascinating about black and white kitchens is that this color combination can create results that are contemporary, traditional, retro, masculine, feminine and even art deco.  Talk about versatility and high style. It’s truly the best of all worlds.


  • Sinks of a Different Color. Everything including the kitchen sink is moving away from white (or stainless) toward color. Incorporating a colored sink is a smart way to bring in a pop of color from an adjoining room or to accent the backsplash. If you’re someone who’s reluctant to commit to a large amount of color, a sink in a bright hue may be just the answer you’re looking for.


  • Storage Solutions.  Is there really such a thing as too much storage? We didn’t think so either. Whether your kitchen is in a small condo or a 5,000-square foot home, storage is a critical consideration in your design. At CC Woodcrafters of NE, we’re obsessed with finding clever ways to include drawer inserts, pull-outs and multi-tiered drawers to help homeowners easily store and organize their wares. Maximizing storage space allows homeowners to make every inch of their kitchen useful.


  • Statement Fixtures. While color has been the one in the limelight lately, it’s not the only way to heighten the style in a kitchen design. For example, oversized light fixtures can create drama or make the room more masculine or feminine. Since there isn’t typically enough wall space in a kitchen for artwork, consider lighting as a way to express your own unique flair. Chandeliers, pendant lights, under cabinet/showcase lighting and canopy fixtures become a key feature to complement the look and feel of your space.


  • Smart Home Technology. This is a big one – not only for kitchens, but also throughout the entire home. We’re seeing hands-free faucets (no more sticky hands having to touch the handle), sensor-activated lights and meat thermometers that send a message to your smartphone when your meat is done. Most especially, we are loving concealed entertainment options. Imagine a television you can pair with your smartphone that’s tucked inside the ceiling above the stove’s hood. You can only see it when you want to use it. So cool. The future is now!


  • Anything Goes Countertops. Granite shmanite. Clients are boldly mixing countertop materials in glorious ways. Granite, though still a worthy option, is stepping aside as wood countertops are making a big impact. We just adore the look of LG Viatera’s Rococo quartz countertops throughout a kitchen (looks like marble, but not nearly as fussy) combined with wood countertops on the island. Stunning! Not convinced?  Countertops made of concrete, laminate and quartz can be attractive, elegant, yet practical choices.  Quartz countertops are the most sought-after material for many reasons. Not only does it look luxurious, but it’s also nonporous, resistant to heat, stains and scratches. Busy families looking for a low-maintenance option still favor quartz and we totally get why.


Well, there you have it, friends. Keep these trends in mind as you embark upon your new kitchen adventure. There is a little something here for everyone and we hope that you’ll reach outside your comfort zone – just a bit – and try at least one of these oh-so-current inspirations.