Your Secret Weapon: Gain Time, Stress Less & Save Money During a Renovation

Wasted time is wasted money and unless you have a never-ending amount of both, you’ll probably want to take three minutes and read this article.  When it comes to the stress-filled, hectic, thrilling, overwhelming yet satisfying undertaking of a major home improvement, it can be a challenge for clients to enjoy the ride as they work toward a rewarding result. But, it doesn’t have to be that grueling.  At your fingertips is a secret weapon equipped to minimize those unsavory side-effects of a renovation. It’s a phone call or quick email away.  You see, all you really need is to hire a trusted, talented designer.

Some of our clients believe that designers are only for the wealthy, pampered upper-crust of society, but I respectfully disagree. In fact, for those of us who keep a careful eye on our wallets, a designer can not only save time and money but they can even help you appreciate the renovation process.  They will shield you from the heavy mental load caused by managing the minutiae of a large-scale project.  Taking this one step could be the smartest decision you’ll make.

How can a designer save me time?

Many homeowners postpone remodeling plans because of the burden it places on their schedules and they just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with it.  Time is the hottest commodity of any busy household and finding a trusted contractor in addition to a gifted designer is only part of the battle.  To provide the most efficient services for our clients at CC Woodcrafters of NE, we house a design team and contractors under the same roof. While this format is unconventional, it is a preferable structure for homeowners because your renovation team members are all working for the same company. It provides an ease of communication and less room for error, saving homeowners time by not having to be the go-between.

While there are some contractors who also have an eye for design, it’s not always the norm. Plus, designers and contractors have different responsibilities. Our designers are the creative directors and work alongside the contractors.  By learning about your home, needs, vision and style the designer develops a customized plan for the renovation. Designers use their expertise to help clients refine their choice of materials such as tile, grout, cabinet color, counter tops, paint, finishes and all other functional and aesthetic aspects of the remodel. They make sure everything flows together cohesively. Designers are paid to prevent wasted time caused by potential obstacles.  They ensure that your project is running seamlessly and continually communicate with the other team members.  Designers have access to resources that homeowners do not. Plus, “trade only” connections typically offer designers discounts on unique materials not typically found in retailers. Because of this, homeowners don’t need to spend their weekends shopping for plumbing fixtures and cabinet samples.  Most designers will do the shopping for the clients and offer a small handful of options from which to choose. By using their time to edit out thousands of options, designers will only present the selections that make the most sense for you. By whittling down the choices they save homeowners time, energy and from feeling frustrated.

If I’m paying for design fees, how am I saving money?

Have you ever heard the adage “penny-wise, pound-foolish”? It’s all I can think of when answering the above question. If you are serious about renovating and want to create that “WOW” factor while expecting immaculate attention to detail, you should be comfortable with and confident about paying for design fees. Be careful shopping for a low-cost designer. As with most everything else, many times quality is a direct reflection of price. Instead, shop with value in mind.  It allows you to decide about a designer not just based on fees alone, but what you are getting for that fee (experience, trustworthiness, credibility, ability).  At CC Woodcrafters of NE, our design team works for a percentage of the overall remodeling estimate, but other designers may charge a fixed or hourly design fee. Charging clients for design allows designers to put extra precision into your plan by painstakingly combing over details of construction and quality of materials while predicting challenges to avoid complications. It’s the best money a client can spend on their project.  A good designer can help clients heighten their quality of life and avoid pricey errors while ensuring that all aesthetic elements are fused together professionally.  In turn, many of the projects we complete increase property values. A seasoned designer is at the cornerstone of all these benefits.

What responsibilities does a designer take on so I can reduce mine?

Designers are the glue that binds your remodeling team together.  When they assume responsibilities, including helping you stay on budget by tracking costs, it leaves more time for yourself and for your family. Designers, along with the project managers, shoulder the burden of managing, scheduling and negotiating with sub-contractors (a full-time job alone).  Trained to think about space artistically, designers offer fresh solutions you may not have considered.  They will help you shop for materials, make selections and guide you along the way. With your goals as their top priority, a designer will do the heavy lifting saving more of your time and energy for the fun stuff – like choosing from one of three counter top varieties that will work with your plan instead of thousands.

Convinced yet?

We advise our clients, friends and family to always work with a designer for a major renovation. Imagine making a multi-thousand-dollar financial investment only to miss the mark by not being entirely satisfied with the result. SIGH! A renovation is your chance to make your home exactly the way you want it.  Settling for less isn’t an option because you won’t get a do-over.  Hiring a designer on your renovation team is like an insurance policy for your peace of mind, your financial investment and the outcome. They will be your voice assisting you in bringing your vision to life. Designers are experienced advisers who lessen client headaches triggered by second-guessing the thousands of decisions you’ll need to make during the process. They afford you with the confidence you need to make all those choices.  Hiring a designer for a major renovation is the most important time-saving, stress-reducing, financially prudent decision you can make.  Your home is worth it…and so are you!